TandemPay 101

Tandem nannies, babysitters, and tutors receive 100% of their pay. Because we act as a connection company and are not an agency we do not take a cut of our child care provider's pay.

It looks like a card, works like a bank.

You can:

Tandem Debit Card Icon.
Tandem Debit Card Icon.
Tandem Debit Card Icon.

Tandem is redesigning the way child care workers are paid by making it immediate and accessible.

Because we are not an agency, but rather a connection platform, finding a job through us is free, and all providers receive 100% of their earnings. Tandem does not take a cut or percentage of the provider’s pay. No more waiting for parents to Venmo you; no more carrying cash around. Parents will also have the option to add a tip to your payment! TandemPay also makes it easy for you to use your earnings as you please. You can spend on your TandemPay card just like a debit or credit card, pay bills, transfer money in and out, and so much more.

If you are under the age of 18, your parents will fill out their part of the registration first, and then you will be emailed the notification to complete the process.

You can use your Tandem debit card anywhere Visa cards are accepted — for online or in-person transactions! You can check your transaction history in the TandemPay portal to budget and track spending. The balance in your app will also be reflective of your earnings and spending.

So how do you get started?

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Tandem handles all tax services for nannies so that you and the family do not have to worry about them! It can be confusing and hard to keep track of, so we do the heavy lifting. Tandem automatically tracks your earnings. There are no tax forms or deductions until you make $20,000 in a calendar year. At this point, we will send you a 1099k form, and you just have to file it.

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About Tandem:

join-tandem.com is a completely free platform for parents to find sitters, nannies, and tutors in central Ohio. Tandem connects parents with reliably vetted child care providers near Columbus, Ohio. The Tandem Babysitting App provides flexibility for both parents and providers. Open, easy communication connecting trusting parties based on matched needs. There is an efficient payment system that allows parents to pay their child care provider through their online portal and providers receive 100% of their pay immediately.

Tandem is a free marketplace for childcare connecting families with reliably-vetted providers, and offering quality jobs to users for long lasting relationships