Help your kids understand voting and the upcoming election.

If your kids are like most, then they have a lot of questions regarding this year’s election. It’s nearly impossible to shield children from news headlines, political conversations, and other events of 2020.

Vote Street Art.
Vote Street Art.

If your kids are like most, then they have a lot of questions regarding this year’s election. It’s nearly impossible to shield children from news headlines, political conversations, and other events of 2020. As you exercise one of your most important rights as a citizen, you may find yourself in a position where you’ll want to explain the process to your children. In order to do this, we have created a fun activity for you to do with your kids that will help them understand the voting process better and why it is so important. If you only have one child that can participate in this, have a friend or family member do it with them.

First, you will want to explain what Government is - A government is a small group of people that create rules to keep a larger group of people safe and happy. (Parents, friends, and family members create a list of rules that you would like to see your child or children (AKA candidate(s)) implement to keep your family safe.)

Second, you will need to explain what a Democracy is - A democracy is when a group of people are led by an individual that the people voted for. Therefore, a democracy is a government run by the people. Every person has a say in how the government is run. This means that their siblings, friends, family members, classmates, teachers, and anyone they see around them, all possess a right to have their voices heard! (Parents to have your candidates make posters, record videos, and give speeches on why they would make a good president and how they will implement the rules you are so passionate about them implementing.)

This leads us to our next topic of voting! Voting is how a democracy works. Individual people vote for the person they want representing them and the rules they want or don’t want. You call the people that we vote for “candidates”. If more people agree on who or what they want, that is called a “majority”. (Parents to decide which candidate gets the job you must cast a vote, as well as any other member of your family or friend who is participating in this project as the voter. Have the kids craft their very own voting boxes out of shoe boxes or tissue boxes.)

And that’s when we have an election! An election is an event where everyone votes for the people and rules they want. With most elections, the person or cause that receives the most votes wins. Typically, on election days you go to cast your vote at places like libraries, schools, and other community centers.

The results are in! Who became the next president of your household? (Have some fun with this and explain that because they received the most votes, they won.)

Submit your photos or videos of your candidates posters in the comments below.

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